LoopFlow. Manage all your work from a single place.

One Place.
All your work.

One place. All your files, online documents, tasks, services, and feedback. Loopflow solves the fragmentation of all your work and communications to improve productivity and make your work easier.

Simple File Version Control for Creative Profesionals

Simple, straightforward file versioning

If you’re still copying, pasting and using complicated naming schemes for your file versions, we feel your pain. We've been there.

With LoopFlow now you can track changes in your files and to see who changed a file, when and most importantly, why. No more excuses: Now everyone will know what the latest version is.

Better yet, since all versions will be automatically synced to the cloud, LoopFlow will only keep the active copy locally, saving you a ton of space in your local hard drive.

Centralize the Feedback of all your files

Stop having to waste countless hours looking for the latest feedback that your client sent you.

With LoopFlow’s Collaboration Hub other users can easily leave feedback for every file and version you’ve shared with them. They’ll also be able to compare those versions, in a single place. Gathering feedback has never been so easy.

Sharing files with other users

Compare changes between versions

Aren’t you tired of having to hunt for files, open both of them and compare them side by side?

Or having to look for changes in a text document, or a video, or a sound file by having to read or play them many times?

LoopFlow can easily help you compare and detect changes in image files, videos, sound files, documents or presentations.

Compare changes between file versions

And many, many more features to make your work, easier.

From file comments, to project management tools, LoopFlow will transform the way you work.